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ForenBiz provides decision makers with comprehensive, data driven, forensic analysis and the risk assessments they require to make strategic decisions. Knowledge is power, but acquiring the necessary, trustworthy and multi-faceted knowledge is only part of the equation. The unique skills offered by ForenBiz transform that knowledge into power.

Business intelligence is the key to making wise, successful decisions. To provide you with that business intelligence, ForenBiz has an unbeatable combination of cutting edge software, machine learning capabilities, OSINT tools and a highly professional, multi-disciplinary team including researchers and analysts with 20 years’ experience in the field.

ForenBiz has global reach and provides you, the decision makers, with all you need to know about individuals and companies large and small. That includes the big picture, the fine detail and careful analysis through a holistic methodology, all to explain what they mean and how the information can be used to avoid pitfalls and move forward successfully.

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