what we do?

Information Acquisition

To acquire the information you need, ForenBiz uses its unique experience, holistic approach and an array of advanced tools:

  • Highly innovative software
  • AI – Machine learning
  • OSINT – Open source intelligence
  • Deep web research by experts in multiple disciplines
  • Highly sophisticated information gathering techniques and tools –  Customized for each client’s specific needs
  • International cooperation and collaboration network.

Business Information - KYC

  • Due diligence
  • Financial status
  • Legal status
  • Business affiliations
  • Political affiliations
  • And much more…

Personal Information

  • Targeted information gathering
  • Comprehensive background checks – Trustworthiness
  • Professional and private resume verification
  • Personal assets and financial status
  • Legal status
  • Connections and affiliations

Information Analysis

The ForenBiz, multi-disciplinary team performs forensic analysis of the entire range of information and provides a concise summary enabling:

  • Risk management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Enlightened decision making

Moving forward

  • ForenBiz services are always available for each subsequent step in the process

The ForenBiz Ethos

As we said, ‘knowledge is power’. ForenBiz believes that beyond helping decision makers avoid mistakes and make wise decisions, we can empower them and make an invaluable contribution to their success. Each individual client needs a tailor made solution based on the Company’s approach, which relies upon: